New vs. Used Homes

Advantages to buying WGB’s New Construction vs. Used Homes

Homes are built much more efficiently than they ever have been. Homes are not built the way they used to be…they are built BETTER!

  • Products and processes are much more technologically advanced
  • Homes are more thoroughly engineered and built to newer, more stringent building codes
  • More savings on utility bills with new energy efficient building (better insulation, sheathing, duct work, etc.)
  • More flexible and open floor plans
  • More customization to fit your needs
  • Peace of mind with a builder’s warranty
  • Better re-sale value
  • Less maintenance on the exterior
  • Less on-going operating costs
  • Less personal time spent on home improvement projects


Click on the link below from New Home Source ( to further explore the advantages of buying new homes vs. used homes.