Vinnie & Kerry

“The thought of moving seemed overwhelming to say the least, especially from one state to another. Our realtor gathered up a list of potential homes and took us on our way. We looked at a few new developments and none of them seemed like a fit for us until we walked into the model at Brookmeadow Village. We walked around the model admiring everything about it. We got back in the car and thought maybe this was too good to be true. Could we really afford to build our own house? Living in New Jersey our whole lives this thought never crossed our minds because of the cost.

Brookmeadow Village offered a variety of floor plans to fit different budgets. We did our research, checked out the school systems, researched the builder, talked to our realtor and made a decision. We knew Grafton was the right town for us and Brookmeadow was the right place to build our dream home. Trying to sell our home in New Jersey and begin the building process was stressful, but the team at WGB was so accommodating and made it a seamless transition. It wasn’t easy being in New Jersey while our house here was being built. We couldn’t drive around the corner and check on it as much as we would have liked. There was no need to though because Erica and Vanessa sent us countless updates and pictures of the progress. There were times that they stayed late or came in early to accommodate us traveling from New Jersey to check on the house. Throughout the whole selection process of trying to decide on flooring, tile and all of the other endless choices both Erica and Vanessa provided us with invaluable advice on everything from colors to knobs. We never felt rushed when we had a meeting with them. They took their time because they genuinely wanted us to have the home we envisioned. Anytime we had a question it was answered promptly.

It is hard to put into words the feelings that we felt walking into the house once it was completed. Everything came together perfectly. We couldn’t wait to begin our new lives in Grafton, but more importantly in Brookmeadow Village. We were promised a closing date of June, however, our house was completed ahead of schedule. WGB was true to their word, they said 4 months and they meant it. Despite a terrible winter in Massachusetts they got the job done. The quality of the work speaks for itself. We couldn’t be happier with our new home. More importantly the neighborhood has been so welcoming to us that we felt like we fit right in. Kids riding their bikes around the neighborhood, people walking their dogs, neighborhood block parties…..it’s like something you see in a movie, almost too good to be true.

As homeowners in Brookmeadow Village we are proud to say it is true. This neighborhood feels like “home”. Thank you to everyone at WGB for helping us build our dream home.”

Don & Julie

“We always knew our first home was not our “forever home” and that someday we would be looking to move. At various times we would find ourselves having discussions about our vision of our dream home and all the various design aspects we would want if we could build our home. We never really envisioned building our home and thought that someday we would find something that would meet the majority of the criteria on our list.

That all changed one afternoon when we drove through Brookmeadow Village and decided to stop in at the model home just to “check it out”. Driving through the neighborhood we were blown away by how friendly and welcoming all the neighbors were and knew almost right away that this was where we wanted to be. Our initial meeting with Vanessa and Erica confirmed this feeling and we left knowing that eventually we would be picking a lot and building a house. We looked at several other developments to make sure we were making an informed decision, but each time we left a development we found ourselves talking about all the things WGB and Brookmeadow Village had to offer that the other developments did not.
Our process of selecting a lot and beginning the building process could not have gone better. Vanessa was more than accommodating in answering questions, walking the lots so we could envision where the house would be, and being very patient with us while we made our choice. Once the building process began, Vanessa once again was very helpful in walking through the design of the house leaving no detail for interpretation. Several times throughout the building process we had friends and family ask us if it was stressful picking out all the details, but the questions and methods Vanessa used were so well thought out that it never once felt that way.

We’ve been in our home for several months now and could not be happier. Leaving the model home on that first day, we both knew this was where we wanted to live and raise our family. We are reminded on an almost daily basis that we made the right choice.

Thank you to the entire WGB Family for building our dream home!”

Bob & Marie

“When we decided to put our house on the market, we started researching areas we were interested in between Northborough and Upton where both of our children and their families live. While driving through Grafton one Saturday, we stumbled upon Brookmeadow Village. Although not looking to build another house, we stopped in the model home and met Erica who was so friendly, professional and knowledgeable. We looked at a few lots and saw some models but were not ready to do “anything” until our house sold. We went home with brochures of different models offered by WGB Homes and were very impressed with what we saw.

During the time our house was on the market, we did “a lot” of research on WGB Homes and their stellar reputation, but “I” still was not convinced on building vs buying used. When our house sold we earnestly started looking at houses on the market in our price range and could not find anything that remotely came close to the quality we had seen at Brookmeadow Village. We again met with Erica who assured “me” (Bob was always onboard) that the building process would be “painless”!

We decided this would be the way to go……little did we know how smoothly the building process would be. Erica was so on top of things and kept us informed every step of the way. She would immediately respond to Bob’s “endless” questions and his request to see the progress on the house, extremely accommodating! After meeting and speaking with Greg (such a gentlemen) at length, we knew we had made the right decision – we put our trust in him and his team and they delivered!!! When the time came to choose colors, flooring, cabinets, lighting etc…..Vanessa came to the rescue in a big way! Not only did she make the process effortless it was actually “fun”!!!! Our home was delivered “on time” as promised! After we moved in and had a few minor issues, Cullen and crew were very responsive not to mention “super nice”!!

We just love our new home and are very proud to show it off to our friends and family. We also love our neighborhood and the friendly people who live in it!!

Thank you Greg, Erica, Vanessa, Cullen and team for making this such a wonderful experience? We would highly recommend WGB Homes to build you a quality, beautiful home (without stress)!!!”

Laura & Dan

“We began casually looking for homes in the metro Boston area and were disappointed and frustrated by the options in our price range. We were reluctant to look too far away from the city, but on a whim, we saw an ad in the Globe and drove out to see the model home. From our very first visit, we were amazed and excited about all of the possibilities that building with WGB Homes would give us. We were able to take our “must haves” list, which had really been whittled down, and make all of them a reality! This was the first neighborhood and home where we could realistically see ourselves raising a family, without stressing about all of the compromises we would have to make.

Throughout the entire process, Erica and the rest of the team were very open and enthusiastic to all of the ideas we had of how to really make our home ours. We decided that instead of a dining room, we wanted a larger kitchen and a laundry room on the first floor. Erica and Vanessa were able to take multiple pictures and descriptions from Laura about specific details and turn them into reality, both in the laundry room and the kitchen. With every customized aspect, they were able to help us stay true to our vision while also providing support and their expertise. Building a new home comes with many choices and possibilities and WGB was excellent throughout the entire process.

Now that we’ve moved in, we continue to be thrilled with our choices and the quality of our home. We got everything we wanted from the process – including all the oohs and aahs from our friends and family on their first visits! We love how our home is truly able to reflect who we are and has become one of our favorite places to be. Living in Grafton feels like an added bonus. The fall is absolutely stunning and we especially enjoyed walking in the Land Trust trails across the street from us. We have begun exploring Worcester, Grafton, and the neighboring towns, continually finding fantastic restaurants and many things to do. Dan began teaching in the Grafton Public Schools and we look forward to someday sending our kids to school in Grafton, too!”

Sasha & Nick

“There are many factors that played into our decision to build with WGB in Brookmeadow Village. From quality of the construction, to the sense of community throughout the neighborhood and the thoroughness of WGB, we couldn’t be happier with our decision. When we first met Erica at the model home she gave us a fantastic presentation not just about the homes themselves but also about the surrounding community and the town of Grafton.

We didn’t know much about Grafton originally but came to really appreciate the country feel of the town and the fact that any amenities that we need are within a short drive. As we drive through the neighborhood it was evident that there were a lot of happy home owners in the development. Many of the people waved as we drive through, welcoming us as if we had been there for years. We also liked the fact that there were community events where we could meet and mingle with other neighborhood families.

The building process was as smooth as Vanessa and Erica promised it would be. Vanessa was very helpful during the interior design process. After hearing the vision we had for the house, she was able to point us in the direction that would best match that and give us recommendations about what might look good. Erica was great at ensuring everything stayed on track and making sure we were up to speed and comfortable with everything as the process progressed. She responded quickly to all of our questions as they came up and very clearly communicated everything that we needed to know throughout the process. On the construction side, Cullen was helpful in answering all of the questions and made it known that he was available even after the close to help in any way he could if we have any questions about our home.

The whole WGB team was great throughout the entire process to ensure we were comfortable with the timelines and the decisions that we were making. This was very reassuring considering there were so many decisions and this was such an important investment. You could tell that they had all done this before and were very good at it.

The closing process was smooth as well. Anne Marie at Security First Mortgage was on top of the financing every step of the way. We were very happy throughout the selection and building process and are thrilled with the final product and would highly recommend WGB Builders and Brookmeadow Village to anyone!”

Tracy & Kevin

“We weren’t really in the thought process of looking for a new home. We had just been discussing recently how our home wasn’t meeting our needs, but we loved the community of Grafton, & our children were already established in their schools, friendships and activities. On a Sunday afternoon, we stopped into the model home-just because-and without exchanging words, we both had the same feeling-we felt at home. It is daunting to think of the stress of packing up & selling a house just to move 10 minutes across town, but we felt strongly that Brookmeadow Village was offering everything we wanted in a home/neighborhood. The quality of construction/materials and being Energy Star rated spoke volumes to my engineer husband.

While my husband was sold on the quality of the house & stellar reputation of the builder, I was so excited to plan my dream home. I never thought I would have the opportunity to build from scratch and since this wasn’t our first house, but hopefully our last, I had very specific ideas of exactly what I wanted this time around, down to the color of the doorknobs. Both Erica and Vanessa were angels during this process with me. Their patience, knowledge and professionalism knows no bounds. Erica made the entire process seamless and answered all of (my husband’s) numerous emails/phone calls in a timely manner-even after hours. I was certain that if Vanessa heard one more time “so I saw this on Pinterest…” she would throw her hands up in exasperation, but she never did. She knew the vision I had in my head, and she made it come to fruition. They treated us like old friends or family, always engaging my children in conversation and asking about their interests. I have a warm place in my heart for them that I wasn’t expecting in the home building process.

As for our experience with Greg Burrill, he is a gentlemen’s builder. His word is his word, and he stands by his product. His passion for his craft is evident in conversation as he explains in great detail about the materials used during each step of the build. Yes, we were warned by others of all the horror stories that come with building, and in fact we heard it from friends going through the building process while we were but in another development, as they incurred delay after delay, problem after problem, frustration after frustration. Our experience was very different from theirs.

The neighborhood is very welcoming, & we have already been made to feel part of the community with invites to Easter egg hunts, block parties & Halloween events. We are fond of the hiking trails that weave thru the woods, the soccer fields down the hill, and to show that no detail is too small, there are even “critter crossings” under the road to ensure safe passages for our little animal friends. I love that! We have found our forever home!”

Johnathan & Tin

“Buying a home, let alone building a new home was something we felt was out of our reach. Little did we know that one day while doing research that we would come across WBG Homes. We had lived in an apartment about less than 10 min away and never even heard of their development at Brookmeadow Village. My husband and I aggressively started looking more into WBG Homes. We were enamored by the quality of the homes (e.g. energy efficient), their partnership with ENERGY STAR, and the idea of a close and friendly neighborhood. The location was also ideal for our commutes to work. Given those factors, we were hooked.

2013 was a very busy year for us. We both started new jobs, were about to get married and had the goal of buying a home by the age of 30. WGB homes allowed us to make our dream come true. We can’t thank Erica, Vanessa, and Mr. Burrill enough giving us the opportunity to buy a home. We were in a complex situation but with the help of Erica, Vanessa, Mr. Burrill, and Ann Marie at Security First our dream was able to become a reality. They gave us great advice and were patient at every step of the way.

Vanessa helped guide us into picking out each detail of the home which we were both so new to. Erica communicated with us daily on our financial aspect and always kept us informed. Mr. Burrill, along with Security First (esp. Anne Marie) helped make the American Dream of owning a home a reality.

We got our commitment letter while we were on our Honeymoon and it was the greatest news we had ever heard! We can’t thank you all enough for being so efficient and easy to work with. You truly saw us as a couple and not clients. We are so happy to be a part of Brookmeadow Village. Thank you Mr. Burrill, Erica, Vanessa and Cullen for everything. We love our forever home!!”

Jason & Jill

“The first word that comes to mind when thinking about Brookmeadow Village and WGB Construction is “Family”. The neighborhood itself is so friendly and the WGB Team truly treated us like family throughout the entire building process.

We initially discovered Brookmeadow online and then shortly afterwards stopped by the model home and spoke with Vanessa regarding the options. We had never actually considered new construction prior to that meeting but Vanessa was very upfront and detailed, explaining the process thoroughly. We had heard all the negative stories regarding building a new home, but from the very beginning we sensed that WGB was different and that certainly proved to be the case.

The feeling of being part of a family continued throughout the construction of the house itself. Erica was extremely helpful working through the financial aspects, Vanessa managed the details thoroughly, Greg was more than willing to answer questions and meet when we needed to and Cullen was and continues to always be available when we have questions or ongoing projects with the house.

We are proud to be a part of the Brookmeadow family and consider our decision to build through WGB one of our better life decisions! After 6 months in our house, the feeling of being part of a family continues to grow stronger. Our kids love playing with other children in the neighborhood and we haven’t looked back once. We highly recommend Brookmeadow Village and the WGB Team!”

Roger & Mary

“After living in Acton, MA. for 22 years, Roger and I decided it was time to change direction in our lives. We sold our home quickly, and selected several towns to search for our new home when we came across Brookmeadow Village. It was a beautiful fall day, and we loved the neighborhood. We met Vanessa who did a great job of explaining the available floor plans and pricing. We were not newbies to having a house built, so we thought we knew what to expect if we decided to purchase a home in Brookmeadow Village. What we didn’t expect was to have such an outstanding experience working with WGB Homes. We have never come across a builder who takes such personal pride in his homes, and is willing to make a decision because it is the right thing to do, as Greg Burrill does.

When we are asked about our building experience we say it was excellent. WGB has an outstanding team of staff and contractors who are friendly, professional and always willing to lend a hand. We appreciate the excellent quality and value of our home, and what really impresses us is the small details that most builders would’t consider including in a home. We were happily surprised when we were able to close on our house on the date that Erica had committed to us on the day we signed our offer letter. We had never had a builder who actually met his closing date commitment. We are also impressed with the fact that WGB Homes was there for us after we moved into our home. Vanessa and Erica made us feel as if we were their only customer, and were always positive and welcoming when working with us. They are professional, thorough, and two of the nicest people we have ever met. Vanessa was a dream to work with and her attention to the smallest detail is impressive. There were many times when I would shoot an e-mail off at midnight, and to my surprise, would get a response back from Vanessa. She really goes above and beyond the call of duty. Erica’s attention to detail is also outstanding. She was on top of all of our contract and work order paperwork and made sure that we had everything that we needed for our closing. Once we moved into the house, the WGB team continued to be there for us. Cullen would check in to make sure everything was going smoothly with the house, and was a tremendous help to us.

We love our home at Brookmeadow Village, and would unequivocally recommend building a home with WGB Homes.

Thank you for building such a lovely home.”

Jeremy & Christine

“My wife had grown up in a community neighborhood. A neighborhood where everyone knew each other and waved when you drove by. So when we finally agreed that we had outgrown our home and needed to upgrade, that was the same type of neighborhood my wife wanted to find our new home in. We searched for several months and were beginning to get discouraged when we stumbled upon Brookmeadow Village. After pulling into the neighborhood and seeing the “Welcome Home” sign and everyone waving at us, we were sold. We met with Greg, Vanessa and Erica and were even more excited. They were so friendly and answered all of our questions. This was where we wanted to be.

Then the nervousness began. When we told family and friends we were building a home the horror stories of stress, anxiety, and missed deadlines were abundant. It made us nervous. We had never had a home built before and if the stories we were hearing were any indication of the “normal” building process, we strapped ourselves in.

However, not only did WGB Construction not miss a deadline but they made the stress and anxiety virtually nonexistent! They were so incredibly helpful and friendly…from the owner to the office staff to the workers constructing the home. Everyone went out of their way to not only make us feel at ease and hold our hand throughout the process but seemed genuinely excited to do so.

We are so thankful for Vanessa’s input choosing our selections and colors; for Erica making the financing process and paperwork painless, for Greg who takes such pride in his product and was not only willing to explain any part of the building process to us but was excited to, and for Cullen who checked in on us many times after we moved into to make sure all was well. It is a tremendous team and everyone went above and beyond. They not only walked us through the house several times during construction but even came back again a few hours later the same day to take our children through the house when they got out of school!
It was an amazing experience and I would recommend the WGB team to anyone! WGB is not in the business of building houses, but building homes and we are so grateful that they built ours.”

Ryan & Chrissy

“The single idea that sold us on a WGB home was the idea of family. From the first time we met with the WGB team we were sold and felt welcome to be included in such a family oriented neighborhood. Our first visit with Erica was on a whim and we were left thinking about how great it would be to have a brand new home. The months to follow were filled with meetings, phone calls, and emails which would stress even the strongest of wills; but the support given to my family by Erica, Vanessa, Greg, Cullen, Joe, and Frank made the entire process a breeze.

The WGB team was honest, realistic, and available to us through the whole process. Every detail and step was explained, every deadline was met, and every phone call was returned in a timely and professional manner. While our process was beginning, Chrissy’s brother, Michael, was building his home across the street from our perspective lot. Being able to watch the building process made us extremely comfortable in our decision to build here. In talking with him about his experience and the current residents of BMV about theirs, we became very excited to finish ours and start the new stage of our lives.

It is rare that you find a builder like Greg Burrill. To this day, Greg still comes to the neighborhood and interacts with the residents. It is very comforting to know that he and his family are local and believe in their product so much. The product that Greg builds and delivers far exceeds some of the homes that we looked at before deciding on WGB in design and quality. From the lot preparation to the framing and finish carpentry, the quality of product and work are apparent. Greg, Cullen, Joe, and Frank are experts in what they do and have visions that I could never see. To trust their vision was a difficult task, but I am so glad that we did.

After four months in the neighborhood, I have not looked back once. If given the opportunity, I would do it all again in a heartbeat. The feeling and comfort of community is seen every day through waving neighbors or smiling children playing. To this day, the WGB team is a phone call away and ready to help out with any questions we have. We would recommend this neighborhood and WGB homes to any of our family or friends. Thank you to the WGB family for our new home!”

Paul & Kim

“We truly found our dream neighborhood and home with WGB. I will never forget driving through the neighborhood for the first time-kids outside playing and all the parents waving. It seemed too good to be true. We were wrong! My husband and I now laugh because we are the ones waving and raving about WGB to people who drive through looking at the development. I don’t like using the word development, because what WGB has created is a community. Before we had even closed, Vanessa and Erica were inviting my family to functions, Easter egg hunts, cookouts and more. The transition into our new house couldn’t have been easier.

Vanessa was there from day one making every detail clear and easy. Being someone who is admittedly horrible at visualizing, Vanessa spent the time offering suggestions and helping me see how well this house would come together. We made some substantial changes to the layout of our house and we were able to move forward knowing that Vanessa was always there advising what would work best to get the results we wanted. The small and large details that Vanessa, Erica and Greg put into making our house a home really proves that they take pride in what they do and deliver high quality with no exceptions. Our only regret is that we didn’t come to WGB sooner.

Thank you for giving my family the community and house we have been looking for!”

Michael & Emily

“After selling our starter home in North Grafton, we spent the next 9 months searching for our “forever home”. After several months looking at both new and previously owned homes, we were starting to get frustrated with our search. Fortunately, our real-estate agent suggested we take a ride to Brookmeadow Village. From our first meeting with Erica, we immediately had a good feeling about building a custom home with the WGB Team. Greg stopped into the model home during that first visit and added to the professionalism already displayed by Erica. He also showed us the passion that he has for the product and the neighborhoods his company builds. We loved the idea of building a home that we could truly enjoy, rather than spending the next 10 years with a growing list of projects. Vanessa was fantastic in helping us make each room fit our needs while staying within budget by exploring every option available to us.

Once our friends and family heard we were going with new construction, the consistent response was to be prepared for delays and building issues. However, Erica, Vanessa, Greg, Cullen, and the rest of the WGB Team kept the project on schedule and handled every request with professionalism and care. Our mortgage agent said WGB is one of the few builders he has worked with that actually delivers a home on time, and at our final walk through with our realtor, he said he has never had a walk through where everything is actually complete and ready to go.

After being in our house for just over 2 months now, it has quickly become a home and the Brookmeadow community has helped speed up that transition. During site visits neighbors would wave as they drove by or say hello as they walked around their home. There is not one day that goes by in which we ever doubt our decision to build with WGB Homes in Brookmeadow Village. The entire building process was exciting and made easy through the efforts of Erica and Vanessa. We highly recommend WGB Homes and the product they offer.”

Tanmay & Bijal

“Sunday morning while I was browsing in the area I noticed “Brookmeadow Lane” had “Model Home Open”. Thought I would take a drive through the community and everyone …yes even a 5 year old started waving at us with a big smile. That was never experienced in my 3 years of searching, but after I finished the drive I knew that this is the place where I am going to make my home.

Of course it was those wonderful nice neighbors, but most importantly because of the LOCATION. I-495, Masspike, Schools, Gas stations, Grocery stores, Town offices, major connecting routes to different cities are just a howl away and yet you have this serene, peaceful, abundance of green natural beauty around you…Who wouldn’t want a home in such a neighborhood?

We rushed in to find out more, but had no idea what price range these homes would be in. We then met Vanessa & Karla who spent the rest of the evening explaining every single detail about home building. For a first time homebuyer building a home was thought to be a daunting task and I requested to go over all the costs that would be incurred before signing the P&S, so I knew if I could stay in budget. Vanessa was so detailed and precise with all the information she provided us and took us step by step through the process, which sealed the deal for us and within a couple hours of meeting with her we gave a deposit to secure our lot.

I had specific timelines to close on the home and even with the rain, snow & hail construction never stopped. The timelines and dates were never discussed during the process because the construction was always running ahead. “Mood Swings” is one of the side effects of home designing and Vanessa was never tired of our emails and took care of any modifications or changes to the plans. We exchanged more than 540 emails and every single one of them has a reply with details. I was told to never let the builder have the freedom to control the costs of building or design of my home, but at Brookmeadow Village giving them the freedom to design my vision and working with Vanessa to help is with the interior ideas, was the best decision we EVER made!

Erica & Cullen worked with us through the closing process and the post closing walk-through and I could not have asked for anything better. Erica was on top of all the documentation and the processes and kept a tight hold of the dates. Our home was ready earlier than the promised date, which made my CLOSING happen ON-TIME…No back-n-forth … it was signed and delivered!

It’s been few weeks since I moved in and every single day I look at my home against the other backup homes we were considering and every single day we tell each other what a good decision we made.

I call the Burrills our extended family because they built my first dream home the way I dreamt it and they treated us like their own throughout the process…that’s what this flagship builder family is!

If you are dreaming of building your own home, stop dreaming and walk into Brookmeadow Village and rest your case because you will be able to sleep well at night knowing that the Burrills are working to make your dream a reality.

! ! Thank you WGB Team We Love You ! !”

Scott & Laura

“Having been advised that we’d get more for our money with a resale than with a new build, we were feeling discouraged at the quality vs. price of the dozens of homes we’d viewed. After stumbling across BMV, we realized that evening that we were both thinking the same thing: this place has everything we’re looking for. The premium that is typically associated with building a new home was paid for in the quality and materials of the house – not to mention the Energy Star Certification.

Although excited for us, most of our friends and family scoffed at the idea of a 90-day build – some told us to expect double. Others told us to expect the “catch” to appear after move-in once the builder had disappeared. Understandably, one can expect some hiccups during the building process and after closing. The difference with WGB is that they stand by their product – they take any issues personally, and they make them right in a professional and extremely timely manner. Everyone knows a horror story of a builder that disappears, or a builder that hires incompetent subs, or a builder that just doesn’t care. I had the opportunity to speak privately with many of WGB’s subs, vendors, and employees, and they all shared the same message: WGB puts up a solid home, and they are excellent people to work with.

We had heard that when you build a new home, it usually takes several tries before you “get it right.” With that in mind, when someone asked us during the process if we were building our dream home, we laughed and replied no, that it was “just a house.” That was early in the process, before we’d made any of our selections and customizations. I don’t recall ever hearing the response “no” when we asked for a customization, or wanted something changed late in the process. With the help of Vanessa and the rest of the WGB team, we were able to personalize this home to fit us and our needs perfectly – it’s not our dream home on the beach someplace, but it’s probably pretty close to our dream home here in South Grafton. It has been almost four months, and Laura still makes the comment (sometimes several times in the same week), “I can’t believe we live here!”

We would recommend a WGB home to anyone – demonstrated by the fact that my parents decided to build a home here as well after observing how smoothly the process went. We’d say that WGB will likely build our next home, but chances are good that we’ll never leave here.”

Brian & Jennifer

“We appreciate all the effort Erica, Vanessa and the rest of the WGB team put forth to make our dream home a reality. We are ecstatic with how our home turned out and our looking forward to being a part of the Brookmeadow Village community. Our two lawyers and home inspector had nothing but great things to say about the quality of work WGB homes puts forth and its professionalism. It was very reassuring for us to hear and also reinforced to us that we made the right decision in buying a home at Brookmeadow Village. The sense of community we feel when driving through the neighborhood is exactly what we were looking for when we began our home search six months ago.”

Santosha & Syama

“After months of searching for our home and after just having a baby, we knew we found it as soon as we entered Brookmeadow Village. We were immediately attracted on our first visit when we saw all the neighbors waving at us and the kids playing in the street. The WGB team did a fantastic job throughout our home building process. Erica was really helpful in describing even the slightest details regarding out property and did not mind coming with us on several visits to our home. Vanessa was wonderful with her extensive knowledge of interior design elements and made our job of picking our selections much easier. Greg would always stop by and discuss the progress and assure that we are right on schedule. They treated us like friends and not customers and took the time and had the patience to walk us through the whole process. The quality of the home is superior to many others we saw and we have never been happier.
Thank you WGB team for building our dream home. Can’t wait to show off our home to all our friends and family…”

John & Joana

“The team at WGB Homes has been a pleasure to work with. They build a quality product and make the whole home building process seamless. They delivered on everything they promised and did so within a very tight timeline. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. They treat their customers like family and build wonderful neighborhoods where everyone can feel at home.”

Joel & Melissa

“When we sold our house on the first day it was listed, we never dreamed that we would have so much trouble finding our next house! Fast forward by 4 months and 3 failed deals and we were at our wits end when we saw a listing for the newly released “Brenton” at Brookmeadow Village. I decided to take a drive down on Saturday while my wife took the kids out to a birthday party. I spent nearly 2 hours with Erica touring the model, asking questions and checking out the neighborhood. I called my wife and said that I think she should come and check it out. Reluctantly, my wife agreed to drive down and meet me so we could “get it out of my system.” We spent the rest of the afternoon there and left very impressed with the property and what came standard with the homes. On our way out of the neighborhood we commented on how friendly everyone seemed to be since everyone we saw waved as we drove by.

We returned the next day where we met Erica’s dad Greg and her sister Vanessa. Greg spent a long time answering our questions and explaining the entire building process to us. You could really see the pride that he had in his product. We never once felt pressured to make a decision or felt like we were bothering him with our questions (even though we’re quite certain that he answers the same ones each week). We left that weekend very excited and couldn’t stop talking about what we had heard……an Energy Star Level 3 compliant home, the latest, top-quality building materials, 40 years of construction experience with two dozen subdivisions completed, town utilities, gas heat / hot water and all of it ready to move in in just 90 days! How could we go wrong? By the end of the next week we had selected our building lot, signed the offer and were on our way.

Each and every step of the building process was fantastic and this is where the WGB team really shines. They understand that you are making a major financial decision when you build a home and they go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable every step of the way. Erica follows up on all of your questions, no matter how small or crazy they may be and she does it all with a smile. Vanessa takes time to listen to your vision and then helps guide you towards it. She makes sure that your house has style (even if you don’t) and she isn’t there to up-sell you during the selection meetings. Greg is not an office manager for his company. He is onsite, week in and week out personally overseeing the building of your new home. We visited the jobsite at least once a week and most times it was Greg who took us up and walked us around the site and through the house. Many times, he spent close to an hour with us on these site visits just talking through the entire construction process……what they did this week, what they planned for next week, why they built something the way they did, how they have adapted their construction process to meet the Energy Star requirements, etc. No matter what the weather or the temperature, Greg did it all with a huge smile. We couldn’t have felt more comfortable with the whole process. To be quite honest, it was a lot easier to build our home than it was to go look for houses out on the open market!

If you are thinking about building a new home but are scared off by everyone else’s home building horror stories, then come see Greg, Vanessa and Erica at Brookmeadow Village. You will see just how easy it can be to build your own home and get it delivered on time and on budget. We promise that you won’t be disappointed!”

Nick & Heather

“2012 was a big year for us. We sold a home, built a home, and were married. We are very excited and proud to be in our home at Brookmeadow Village! Our needs were unique. In addition to us wanting the hard-to-find combination of a neighborhood atmosphere and a little privacy, we also required an in-law apartment. We found all of this, here, at BMV.

Right from day one the neighbors waved and smiled as we drove through the neighborhood. We knew this was a place we could call home.

On our very first visit to the model we met Greg, the owner, and after speaking with him you could hear the passion and sincerity that he has with this neighborhood. Later, he personally took us up to what would become our homesite and we crawled through the brush and trees so he could show us where the house would sit.

Erica and Vanessa were great helps along the way. They were very understanding and have a huge amount of patience to have been able to handle all of our many, many requests and our weekly visits to tour our house in-progress.

Everyone at WGB believes in their product and customer support. For us, it meant a lot that Erica and Cullen have a home in the neighborhood – it gave us sense of comfort as it demonstrates a belief in their homes and a vested interest.

Now that we are living in our home, the team at WGB continues to support us with all the little things – no questions asked.”

Bobby & Tami

“We are extremely happy with our new home in Brookmeadow Village! Throughout our rigorous relocation process from NJ, the experience we encountered with WGB Homes was more than welcoming!

WGB was instrumental in making a smooth transition into our new home in a new state. Erica was diligent on answering our unending questions and keeping us on track with due dates and decision making. She was also great dealing with our realtor and keeping her informed and in the loop throughout the entire process. The reputation WGB has is not only evident in their work but also in their personnel. Each trip we made from NJ, Greg was always there to speak with us and answer any questions we had.

Erica kept us informed on the process of our home construction sending us emails and pictures on a regular basis. WBG guaranteed delivery on time and they were true to their word. They have also been very helpful with the transition of setting up utilities as well as addressing any questions and concerns we have. We feel very lucky to have found a beautiful home in such a friendly and welcoming neighborhood.”

Rochelle & Bob

“We were so excited to move into our new neighborhood, Brookmeadow Village.  Coming from a small one bedroom apartment in Boston to our beautiful multi-bedroom home in the suburbs was a dream come true.  Our situation was a bit unique in that we were pregnant while searching for a new home.  We never thought building a home would be an option since there was a time crunch, but Greg made the promise of 90 days and he and his team stuck with it.  We moved into the neighborhood when our baby was 1 week old.

Joe Jenkins was an excellent point person.  He always answered our questions on the spot or would get back to us in a timely manner.  He accommodated our busy schedules to meet when it was most convenient for us.  Vanessa helped us to navigate the process of selecting custom finishes for the home.  She helped us focus and gave us her opinions on things when we had difficulty deciding among the available choices.  She has great taste, and we valued her opinions.

We remember driving through the neighborhood when we were building and thought it was so nice that the neighbors waved and smiled at us.  This was the first indication we had about how friendly our new neighbors would be.  Once we were living in our home, various neighbors stopped by to meet us, make us a meal, and welcome us.  We have enjoyed attending the neighborhood social events each month which have helped us to get to know everyone.

We feel so fortunate to have moved here.  We were able to build our dream home from the ground up, and see this as an investment in our and our daughter’s future.  Brookmeadow will be part of our family for many years to come.”

Bill & Natalie

“We had been looking for the right house in the right neighborhood. During our search we came across Brookmeadow Village and found just that.  We had known about WGB Homes’ reputation for quality construction, but it was another thing to experience it for ourselves.  From the architecture and quality of materials to the Energy Star rated design and their willingness to work with us around multiple design changes while accommodating our desired closing time frame.  We had an incredible experience.

What made the whole process even more enjoyable was the people we worked with.  Vanessa, Erica and Greg were always willing to meet with us and explain options and opportunities around our plans to shape our house into a home.  We especially appreciated Vanessa’s interest, knowledge and experience in helping us with selections and our kitchen re-design.  We’re so happy with our home.  Thank you WGB for everything!”

Jeanne & Kevin

“We are very pleased with our new WGB home. We toured the beautiful model and were so excited to discover many of the finishes we loved were standard in every home! We are so happy with the quality of construction and the friendly, professional staff. Erica was very knowledgeable on the business end and Vanessa was extremely helpful in making decorating choices. We really relied on both of them during the building process. They always took the time to answer our numerous questions and keep us informed throughout the building process. We also have felt so welcome in our new neighborhood. We moved here from out of state and everyone has been so friendly. Many of our new neighbors have stopped by and really made us feel welcome. We have been included in social gatherings from the start. We have had such a positive experience, we would definitely recommend WGB to anyone looking to build a beautiful, quality, energy efficient home.”

Chris & Marcia

“We fell in love with Brookmeadow Village the first time we set eyes on the neighborhood! The beautiful scenery and the gorgeous homes made our decision an easy one. Then we met the Burrill’s and immediately felt confident in the quality of the home construction! Whether we were meeting with Vanessa to select cabinet finishes, doing a walk through with Erica, or discussing energy efficiency with Greg you can really tell the passion the family brings to the neighborhood and its homes. Throughout the process Erica and Vanessa go above and beyond to answer your questions, provide guidance and make decisions easy. The whole WGB team does a fantastic job making your dream home come to life! We absolutely love our new home and can’t thank you enough for all your hard work!!”

Sai & Joey

“In the beginning, we hadn’t even considered Grafton as an option. However, we knew we wanted to have a custom built home. So on a boring Sunday morning we decided to go out to some open houses to get some ideas, and stumbled upon Brookmeadow Village in Grafton. We had looked at a bunch of other places that morning, and went to Brookmeadow last. After walking through the model with Erica, it definitely made a lasting impression on us. We recall driving away and saying, “that place seemed very comfortable and it felt like home.” After meeting with Greg Burrill, we found out that he had built our previous home 25 years prior. So we had a taste of the quality homes and neighborhoods he’s built.
After deciding to move ahead, things moved very quickly. Joe Jenkins and Erica had helped us put our previous home for sale, and in 10 days it was sold. During all this, we had made many design changes to the Devonshire model and WGB was very accommodating to our needs and requests. Vanessa helped us tremendously in choosing and picking everything needed in making our home “ours.”
The building process was incredibly fast, it took only 3 months! We must have come to see the house being built every other day, maybe more? But the folks at WGB always seemed very happy to show us around, telling us what was happening in the process, and addressed any issues we had.
The neighbors are also fantastic! We had visited so many times during the building process, everyone had made us feel so welcome, and we hadn’t even moved in yet. It’s also the perfect neighborhood for our young son, with so many other kids around. Another great feature we like was the proximity of the ball fields, just a walk down the hill.
Our family couldn’t be happier with the way our home turned out. The neighborhood and community is a huge plus for our family. We are all looking forward to living and growing in this great neighborhood!”


“I would like to thank the whole team at WGB Homes for the incredible home you just built me. I made my decision to buy here on many factors; first, I loved the idea of buying a spec house. I really liked the interior and exterior design of the home with the bonus of picking all the finishes. I had already sold my home in PA and they promised a 30 day delivery and they DELIVERED! I also could not discount the appeal of Energy Star Rating; most people don’t know that all you have to do is be 12% more efficient than code to meet this rating but WGB is averaging more than 3X that!! I got that information along with many other selling points when Greg Burrill, the owner, took time to speak to me. You could tell his passion for this development was not a sales ploy but just his honest opinion of how a community should be built. His enthusiasm was contagious and made my decision even more concrete. Most importantly, from the start I was treated by WGB and all the employees (along with many neighbors) like I was family. I’m single and moved from PA with no family or friends in the area; it was so comforting to know that I could call up WGB or walk over to a neighbor if I needed anything.

I can not express my gratitude enough to Erica and Vanessa for having the patience they had with me! Both of them were always there for my thousands of questions. What a dynamic duo!!!! Erica was instrumental in helping me with the business side of things when I tried my own lender but was so thankful that she introduced me to a proven local lender that they have had success with. The combination of the builder and lender knowing each other made everything happen flawlessly. I’ve closed on 3 other homes and I have not seen this level of execution between all parties to make a closing go any smoother. Vanessa made the house I bought a home by helping me through every choice of finishes. She even spent the better part of a day working with her tile vendor just to help me pick out an accent border in my master bathroom; that is dedication to making the customer happy. She even kept up with my weekly change requests and additions as the house was coming together. I can’t imagine another builder being that accommodating. I come home each night loving my new home.”

John & Dawn

“It was evident to us the moment we met Greg Burrill that he has great pride and passion for his work. “We build neighborhoods”, he said with a wide smile. It was then that we realized we were getting more than just a beautiful new home.

Initially, we were very reluctant to build. We had been advised by many friends that the process is complicated, frustrating, filled with deadlines that aren’t met…a real nightmare! From day one, WGB Homes & its staff have proved just the opposite in every aspect. The attention to detail & craftsmanship that went into building our home is remarkable. We visited our site almost weekly and were blown away each time by its progression.

Erica & Vanessa Burrill were/are a joy to work with…knowledgeable, friendly and professional. They made the entire process, from decision-making to paperwork, easy and enjoyable…thank you ladies!

Everyone who has come to visit us has commented on the beauty and quality of our home… especially our “mocha” floors! Now that we’re settled we couldn’t imagine finding another home or neighborhood that fits our family better than Brookmeadow Village. Our sincere thanks to the entire WGB team for doing such an amazing job..we look forward to spending the next 50 years here!”

Cheryl & Brian

“We couldn’t be happier with our new home in Brookmeadow Village and are very confident we made the right choice with WGB homes. Our primary reasons for choosing Brookmeadow Village were the neighborhood community, quality craftsmanship and location. The energy efficiency of the homes was a huge bonus as well. We also felt more comfortable choosing a local builder with a great reputation. This decision definitely paid off as we had a turbulent time selling our old home and WGB homes worked with us, easing our stress throughout the ordeal. We had been warned about builders not being reliable but WGB homes was amazing. We ended up closing 3 weeks early, which we were so thankful for!!!

Erica & Vanessa were tremendous assets during the process as well. They worked with us closely, helping to make selections and keeping track of all our changes! In the end, we were able to custom design a home that fits us perfectly. We are so pleased with the finished work and to finally be settled in our new home!”

Dain & Carrie

We are very happy with our new home, and as important, the process that led to it. The quality of construction is first rate and it is clear WGB has perfected their homes over 30 years. They completed the home within the 90 day schedule they committed to.

Vanessa followed through on every interior design detail we discussed and really helped us think through what elements we would be happy with. She was great coming up with options we would like, within the budget we wanted to stick with. The entire WGB team, took in consideration not only the financial investment of building a home, but the emotional one as well. We felt that that our needs were individualized to our family.

For the few inevitable minor issues that come up with any new construction, Greg Burrill always went above and beyond to make it right. As transplants to the state, we are excited about our new neighborhood, home and friends. ”

Mark & Lori

“Even though we had already sold our former house and were under time constraints to relocate to Massachusetts, we decided to “take a chance” and build a new home here at Brookmeadow Village. We felt it offered us the best combination of location, community, quality, features and affordability among everything that we looked at. The Energy Star qualification was unique and especially appealed to us. And for all our reservations about building a new home, it gave us a level of comfort to know that Greg Burrill and his family were on site and personally involved throughout the design and construction process.

Now, having completed our move and living in our brand new home, we are so very glad we made this decision. The people at WGB homes are wonderful to work with, especially Vanessa Burrill. Whenever we wanted something changed or added to the base plan such as our customized laundry room, she always helped make it happen with a terrific attitude. There is obviously a great team effort going on behind the scenes to execute everything so smoothly. We were very pleased as the summer went on and we arrived here to see that everything was looking great and still right on track for timing. We were able to move into a beautiful new home delivered to us on time, and actually enjoy the experience of building!

From the people of WGB Homes to the other homeowners in the Brookmeadow Village neighborhood that we’ve met, everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. We feel fortunate to have now joined a terrific community for our family to live and grow in, and look forward to many happy years ahead as we watch the neighborhood continue to expand and welcome others.”


“We can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to expedite our house project. I know that customizing the “Charleston” was challenging to say the least, but we couldn’t be more pleased. It was everything we wanted and then some. Vanessa was so accommodating through it all and confirmed why we went with WGB to begin with. Amy loves her kitchen! Thanks for everything.”


“I want to thank you for all your hard work. I know you spent many hours on our project alone. I’m so appreciative of you and your dedication. You did an awesome job! I love my kitchen, the kid’s cubbies, the room sizes ect.! What a gift! Thank you and God Bless you.”

Rob & Suzie

“We are so happy with our new home. We are first time home buyers so we were very nervous going through this process. The staff at Brookmeadow Village made everything so easy. They answered all of our questions and helped us through the entire process. They did everything from helping us with color choices to finding us a bank that fit our needs. They went above and beyond our expectations and made this a wonderful experience.

Not only was the staff a pleasure to work with, but WGB delivers a quality product. They paid great attention to detail and were very thorough with everything. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our home. We would recommend working with this team to anyone shopping for a new home.”

FaDong & Lily

“We originally heard about WGB Homes through friends of ours who spoke of the quality construction and reputation that WGB has built over the years. We chose Brookmeadow Village because of the Energy Star construction and the close proximity to our business, located in Uxbridge, MA and the commuter train access to Boston.

We could not be happier with our home, the community and the building experience with the sales team at Brookmeadow Village. Not only did they help us find an elevated homesite with spectacular views of the Blackstone Valley, but they helped us find the right floor plan to meet the needs of our family which included a spacious master bedroom and an abundance of closet space.

We would recommend WGB Homes and Brookmeadow Village to anyone looking for new construction, innovative “green” building and a company with an impeccable attention to detail.”

Thank you WGB Homes

Scott & Ellen

“The whole process for us was fantastic. Even though we were going through a stressful time with a new baby, a new job, and plenty of issues selling our old house, it was comforting to know that the team at Brookmeadow was on top of everything. I’m not sure who was more excited about some of the additions and changes we made to the model! And too many of our friends thought they would never finish building by the close date, but everything was well organized and ahead of schedule. Erica and Vanessa were so patient and helpful as we went through all of the options, but they kept us on track with good communication about all of the milestones and what we needed to do. At the same time, there was so much understanding regarding my commute from NJ.

We’re really impressed with the quality of construction, and love that there is such a focus on energy efficiency. We’re new to the area, so it was so helpful to be in touch with the right people from the banks to the utilities to the electronics. The closing was the easiest I’ve been through. Every person we’ve met in the industry from realtors to lawyers to bankers have said what we’ve found to be true – This is a top-notch organization that builds a fantastic home. Today marks a month for us, and we couldn’t be happier.”

Bill & Lisa

“Prior to our decision to build with WGB, we were looking for a home for quite some time. After seeing the quality of construction and the prime location of Brookmeadow Village, we knew this was the place for us. The sales team was very helpful, friendly, and just plain amazing. Observing the amount of pride that the WGB team took in the construction of their homes made us feel even better about our decision.

We moved into our new home in February (right on schedule), and we couldn’t be happier. We were the first house in the development and have enjoyed watching the transformation of our neighborhood. We are excited about our future here and look forward to raising our family in such a wonderful community. Thank you WGB!”

Chris & Karen

“We are so excited to be in our new home! We first heard about WGB Homes when we drove through another one of their developments, so we toured the model at that development and saw what a great house WGB builds. We found out that the houses to be built at Brookmeadow Village were going to be Energy Star Certified homes and that the prices fit our budget. WGB Homes uses top-rated materials to build their homes, and everyone involved in the planning and building cares about not only the house, but the future homeowners as well.

Being first-time home buyers, we did not know what to expect during the process, but all of the individuals we met with at WGB Homes were very helpful. We met with various family members/employees throughout the process, all of which were friendly and helpful. We had heard the horror stories of building a house, but working with WGB Homes was a smooth, easy experience. It was great dealing with a small, family-run builder rather than a large corporate builder.

Thanks to Greg, Vanessa, Erica, Joe and everyone at WGB Homes for making our house a home!”

Craig & Michelle

“I must confess that I was initially reluctant to build a home. I was afraid of the building process, making so many choices, and scared about delays – because we were on a very tight schedule.

As we prepare to move into our dream home, I am so glad we built.

The staff at Brookmeadow Village made what I thought was going to be an agonizing process EASY! Yup, it was easy. They answered every question with a smile and met or beat every deadline. It was a very smooth process.

We are very grateful for the time they spent with us to help us build our dream home. Their response time was great and they always had super suggestions for us when we were stumped. They were incredibly accommodating and always made time for us.

My best friend, who is a highly opinionated builder, reviewed the specs in detail and had nothing but great things to say about the materials, the workmanship, and the overall quality of the project.

This is a high class operation run by caring people who did a phenomenal job.”

Uma & Vinod

“WGB Homes did an excellent job in constructing our new home. Our house was delivered as promised with exceptional quality and on time.

This is our first home and WGB helped us in making key decisions, gave us very good suggestions and ideas. The most significant difference between WGB Homes and the other builders is that WGB has a rich set of standard features and we did not have to do many upgrades.

We worked with Vanessa Burrill, she was very knowledgeable, helpful, easy to reach and addressed all our concerns and questions. Everyone at WGB was very helpful, friendly, honest and down to earth. We are very happy with our new home and would highly recommend WGB Homes to anyone.”

Wendy & Ted

“Our relationship with WGB began in November of 2007 when we toured their beautiful model home at Brookmeadow Village in Grafton, MA. After several months of viewing new construction, it was immediately obvious to us that WGB offered a superior product at a competitive price. It was our goal to build an “In-Law” style apartment in our new home. We felt that Mr. Burrill listened to our idea, and understood our vision. He immediately placed the necessary calls to the town boards in order to pursue this idea. WGB has helped us to follow our dream as opposed to pushing their own agenda as had been our experience with other builders.

Throughout the entire building process, we have found the team at WGB to be prompt, courteous and professional. The negotiation and selection process was convenient and straightforward. The weekly communication and correspondence has been superb, as the staff is always accessible and accommodating. We have been amazed at the weekly progress which we have observed at the construction sight, deadlines are met, communication is clear, and the quality of construction is outstanding. We appreciate the tremendous effort that has been made on our behalf. Mr. Burrill and his staff take genuine pride in their work. They view each home as if it were their own; offering their professional opinion and advice on details which will enhance the property.

Kudos to the entire WGB team for making our home building experience so amazing!”

John & Karla

“Our new home in Brookmeadow Village is everything we hoped it would be and more. We had a wonderful experience working with WGB before, during and after it was finished. Throughout the pre-sales and building processes, the WGB folks were informative, friendly and always accommodating. They readily worked with us as we considered changes to the overall house design. We were excited when we saw the plans for this neighborhood and cannot wait to see it grow and mature under WGB’s watchful eye. We believe we have one of the best-built houses in town, in one of the most attractive neighborhoods. WGB built a house that has immediately become home for our family!”

Brian, Residential Engergy Efficiency Specialist

“As a Home Energy Rater (HERS) for the Massachusetts New Homes with ENERGY STAR® program, I provide third party inspection and verification services for ENERGY STAR builder partners. Since 2007, I have worked closely with WGB Construction at Brookmeadow Village to develop the best strategies to meet the ENERGY STAR program requirements. Since first breaking ground, WGB Construction has achieved excellent results during inspections and diagnostic testing. On average, the homes at Brookmeadow Village are 39% more efficient than a home built to comply with building codes.

At Brookmeadow Village, the homes not only contain graceful architectural features but also:

  • Exceptional building durability
  • Tightly sealed air conditioning duct work
  • Highly effective cellulose insulation in exterior walls, attic and cathedral
  • Strategically placed air barrier to reduce drafts from the outside
  • ENERGY STAR-rated mechanical ventilation, appliances, light fixtures
    and light bulbs

WGB Construction strives to build highly efficient and comfortable homes. The result is a home that uses less energy while providing the greatest comfort and durability.”